To be or not to Bee Jones. Why Identity matters

Welcome to my blog called BeeJones. What a weird name for a blog you might think. Well the name is directly related to the subject of the blog which is Identity. As you can read in my bio (about), my name is Ronny Bjones and I’ve been working for quite a while in identity and security. My surname is no problem in Scandinavian countries but beyond I always ran into problems. In the old days when the animals still spoke and hotels were reserved by faxes, the reception desks usually did not find back my reservation. They registered someone with the name of Jönes or some other strange variant. The weirdest I encountered was Mr. Beoneo. Same thing at restaurants, airports, etc. You can’t imagine the amount of time I’ve spend under bridges. After a while I found the trick and started to introduce myself as Mr. B. Jones. Suddenly all problems cleared. So B. Jones or BeeJones became my alias or alter identity. I hope you will enjoy this blog. I am working at Microsoft within the Azure group on identity. I intend to blog about my work in Azure. I am also involved in different associations which run cool projects. I am planning to show some of those outcomes on this blog.

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